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  • Dressage competition

    Here is a summary of 2014 relevant news competition, either at Dressage Level, Working Equitation and Model and Movements class

  • Soberano

    Soberano (Gub) has been in France with the Olympic rider Carlos Pinto disputing FEI Dressage competitions since 2010. In 2014, Carlos Pinto and Soberano were selected by the national coach to join the team that represented Portugal at the World Equestrian Games, in Caen, Normandy, where they got the best score between portuguese team and presented themselves among the world’s best equestrian sets.

  • Xenofonte d'Atela

    Xenofonte D’Atela with Salvador Pessanha has competed this year of 2014 for the first time at Grand Prix level, and it is competing at this level at the Dressage National Cup. Recently, this team become 2nd in competition Kur Grand Prix and Free Style Grand Prix, respectively at the 1st Beja Horse Fair and at Golegã Horse Fair.

  • Guhapa d'Atela

    Guhapa d’Atela, a 3-year old mare, in 2014, came 1st - with Gold Medal - at the International Championship of the Lusitano Horse in Cascais and at Feira do Cavalo de Ponte de Lima. She was 1st, Silver Medal, at Expoegua, Golegã.

  • Galileu d'Atela

    Galileu d’Atela, a 3 years old colt, came 2nd – Gold Medal - at Golegã Horse Fair 2014.

  • Faena d'Atela

    Faena d’Atela, a 4-year old mare, came 3rd at the International Championship of the Lusitano Horse in Cascais, ridden by Eloi Morgado

  • Finca d'Atela

    Finca d’Atela, a 4-year old mare, came 2nd in the mares’ class and 2nd in the Grand Champion of mares’ class. Finca d’Atela was chosen as the Lusitano with the best movement in the show and got Silver Medal at the World Andalusian Cup, United States of America (owned by Alexandra Dees)

  • Hércules d'Atela

    Hercules d'Atela 1st and Gold Medal, at International Championship of Lusitano Horse 2015 in Cascais and 1st with gold medal (3 years old class) and title of Champion Males in Ponte de Lima Horse Fair 2015

  • Ídolo d'Atela

    Ídolo d’Atela, a 1-year old colt, came 2nd - Silver Medal - at the International Championship of the Lusitano Horse in Cascais and also reached 2nd at Expoegua in Golega.

  • Assírio d'Atela

    Assírio d’Atela went to Argentina to the rider Fiore Mengani, who is pursuing its dressage career with the aim of being qualified for the Pan American Equestrian Games. Last October it came first at FEI World Dressage Challenge. In November 2014, Fiore Mengani and Assirio d’Atela consecrate themselves Argentine National Champions, on "Medianas Exigencias" level. In Portugal, along 2013, competed at PSG with Salvador Pessanha.

  • Asceta d'Atela

    Asceta d’Atela is in Victoria, Australia, and competes at Medium level with its owner Rebeca Williams O’Brien.

  • Ehpico d'Atela and Exparta d'Atela

    Ehpico d’Atela and Exparta d'Atela went to Great Britain, repectively for Alexandra Downing and Holly Barber and will be part of the training squad for Working Equitation. Exparta d’Atela has always been placed in the first 2 places at novice level and won its first intermediate competition last 7th November 2014. The biggest hope of this two teams is to represent Great Britain in Working Equitation Squad.