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  • Francisco Bessa de Carvalho founded the stud in 1988. The first mares, from Visconde dos Olivais brand, were crossbred with the stallions Danubio (MV), Furacão (AC) and Eleito (AC) giving rise to the stud’s current breeding stock. Jade and Jaguar, products of our stud, and Querer were also used as stallions and dressed up to a high level of training.

  • Francisco Bessa de Carvalho passion for the horses occurred in the early years of his life. He started riding as a child, in Picadeiro do Lumiar, in Lisbon. It was here that he met Luis Valença who was his Master in the early years of learning. Francisco Bessa de Carvalho continued his training and professionalization as a rider at EPAE (Portuguese School of Equestrian Art), which he joined in 1984 by the hand of its founder Dr. Guilherme Borba. Since then, he is one of the members of the School and he`s currently Picador.

  • Since 1992, he assumed the duties of Riding Monitor and Director of the Quinta da Fonte Santa - Equestrian Centre, whose office continues to exercise. He was from 1999 to 2012, National and International Judge of the Lusitano breed and member of the Grading Board in to the Stud Book with APSL. Given his huge passion for horses and specifically for the Lusitano horses, he began as breeder (of this race) in 1988. For this purpose, he acquired the property “Paul d'Atela” in Ribatejo, where he dedicates to the breading of Lusitano horses. He is committed to several projects related to the Lusitano horse and its development in the World.

  • The stud operates in Alpiarça, Ribatejo in an old rice field. The land has excellent natural conditions for extensive horse-breeding activities. Our mares are broken in and trained to assess their qualities and characteristics with the aim of achieving optimum pairing, both in terms of the Lusitano breed standard and their functionality. Many mares and their products have won several prizes at the International Championship of the Lusitano Breed, held in Lisbon, and the National Horse Fair and Expoegua, both held in Golega.

  • Currently, the stud makes a strong commitment to the discipline of Dressage. In 2005, theStud purchased the stallion Soberano (GUB) which is an excellent example of the Lusitano Breed (won three gold medals and two titles of Champion of Champions) and has a great ability for dressage. He is presently competing internationally , with the Portuguese rider Carlos Pinto, at Grand Prix level. Therefore, it is used as one of the leading stallions, whose descendants also show great functionality.

  • Xenofonte d’Atela was the first Champion of the Champions from our Stud, and gold medal at Feira do Cavalo de Ponte de Lima in 2008, is currently competing successfully at dressage (S George) with the rider Salvador Pessanha.